Governor - Other Meanings of The Word

Other Meanings of The Word

The word governor can also refer to an administrator and/or supervisor (individually or collectively, see Board of Governors); the Governor of a national bank often holds ministerial rank.

  • Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Governor of the Bank of Canada
  • Governor of the National Bank of Romania
  • List of governors of national banks of Serbia and Yugoslavia
  • Governors of the Hudson's Bay Company

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Famous quotes containing the words word and/or meanings:

    What satire on government can equal the severity of censure conveyed in the word politic, which now for the ages has signified cunning, intimating that the state is a trick?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    An amoeba is a formless thing which takes many shapes. It moves by thrusting out an arm, and flowing into the arm. It multiplies by pulling itself in two, without permanently diminishing the original. So with words. A meaning may develop on the periphery of the body of meanings associated with a word, and shortly this tentacle-meaning has grown to such proportions that it dwarfs all other meanings.
    Charlton Laird (b. 1901)