Gongsun (simplified Chinese: 公孙; traditional Chinese: 公孫; pinyin: Gōngsūn; Wade–Giles: Kung-sun) is one of the few Chinese compound surnames.

Famous people with this surname include:

  • Gongsun Xuanyuan, reputed name of the Yellow Emperor; other sources say his surname was Ji
  • Gongsun Zan, warlord and general of the Han Dynasty
  • Gongsun Xu, son of Gongsun Zan
  • Gongsun Fan, cousin of Gongsun Zan
  • Gongsun Yue, younger half-brother of Gongsun Zan
  • Gongsun Du, general of the Han Dynasty
  • Gongsun Kang, son of Gongsun Du
  • Gongsun Gong, son of Gongsun Du
  • Gongsun Yuan, son of Gongsun Kang
  • Gongsun Long, philosopher, Logician
  • Gongsun Qiao, statesman of the State of Zheng
  • Gongsun Sheng, character from Water Margin
  • Gongsun Lü'e, character from The Return of the Condor Heroes
  • Gongsun Ce, the adviser or personal secretary of Bao Zheng

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Battle Of Yijing - Background
... However, Gongsun Zan still had a large army which could cause trouble if not finished off ... Gongsun Zan, after recent military defeats in addition to a famine in his lands, decided to secure his supplies ... the city and the towers had iron doors with huge grain supplies for Gongsun Zan to use to live out the civil wars of his country ...
Gongsun Zan - Biography
... in China, Yuan Shao in the north in direct competition with Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shu ... Following a disagreement between the two, Gongsun Zan formed an alliance with Yuan Shu and sent his nephew Gongsun Yue to help Yuan Shu's general Sun Jian retake Yangcheng ... However, Gongsun Yue died in the campaign ...
List Of The Return Of The Condor Heroes Characters - Passionless Valley
... Gongsun Zhi (traditional Chinese 公孫止 simplified Chinese 公孙止 Mandarin Pinyin Gōngsūn Zhǐ Jyutping Gung1-syun1 Zi2) is the master of Passionless Valley (絕情谷) ... Qíu Qiānchǐ Jyutping Kau4 Cin1-cek3) is Qiu Qianren's younger sister and Gongsun Zhi's wife ... Gongsun Lü'e (traditional Chinese 公孫綠萼 simplified Chinese 公孙绿萼 Mandarin Pinyin Gōngsūn Lǜ'è Jyutping Gung1-syun1 Luk6-ngok6) is Gongsun Zhi and Qiu Qianchi's daughter ...
Gongsun Fan
... Gongsun Fan was an official during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history ... that followed the dissolution of the coalition against Dong Zhuo, Gongsun Zan used the death of Gongsun Yue, another relative of his, as pretext to wage war on Yuan Shao ... At the time, Gongsun Zan led the strongest army with the most ferocious reputation in northern China ...
Bei Yan
... Bei Yan was a military general serving under the warlord Gongsun Yuan during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history ... During the Liaodong campaign against Gongsun Yuan by the state of Cao Wei, Bei led Gongsun's troops against Sima Yi but ultimately lost ... reassembled his forces and attempted a second attack under Gongsun Yuan's order to fight to the death, but after several skirmishes, he was defeated and presumably slain ...