Global Guardians

The Global Guardians is a team of fictional DC Comics superheroes whose members hail from countries around the world. The concept originated in the Super Friends Saturday morning cartoon, in which several heroes (Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief and El Dorado) were added to the Justice League to give it more ethnic diversity.

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Seraph (comics) - Fictional Character Biography
... As a member of the Global Guardians, he helped Superman retrieve an ancient artifact ... He remained with the Global Guardians for a few years, but declined an offering from the Queen Bee of Bialya, since he was Jewish and Bialya was an Islamic state ... trying to think of ways to revive the Global Guardians ...
Bialya - Fictional History - Rulers
... members of the United Nations superteam known as the Global Guardians became members of the Bialyan military, causing friction with their replacements in the ... Soon, the Queen Bee has managed to brainwash most of the Global Guardians into serving her ... of the Justice League's American and European branches, as well as the no longer-brainwashed Global Guardians ...
African Characters In Comics - Listed By Company - DC Comics
... Doctor Mist - former leader of both the Global Guardians and Primal Force ... Freedom Beast - a South African hero from the Global Guardians ... Impala - a former member of the Global Guardians, now deceased ...
Little Mermaid (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Ulla Paske
... She was a member of the Global Guardians, her first mission (in Super Friends #9) was to help Aquaman dismantle a bomb in Atlantis ... Later, she helps Superman and other Guardians battle a large group of evil wizards on Easter Island ... Little Mermaid's first appearance in the canonical DC Universe, with the other members of the Global Guardians, was in DC Comics Presents #46 (June 1982) ...

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