Notable people named Gibbons include:

  • Abigail Hopper Gibbons, an American schoolteacher, abolitionist, and social welfare activist
  • Alan Gibbons, a British author
  • Beth Gibbons (born 1965), a British singer
  • Billy Gibbons, a guitarist for ZZ Top
  • Carroll Gibbons (1903–1954), an American-born British bandleader
  • Cedric Gibbons (1893–1960), an American art director
  • Christopher Gibbons (1615–1676), an English composer, son of Orlando
  • Dave Gibbons, a British writer and artist of comics
  • Edward Stanley Gibbons (1840–1913), a philatelist and founder of Stanley Gibbons Ltd.
  • Euell Theophilus Gibbons (1911–1975), an outdoorsman and proponent of natural diets
  • Gary Gibbons, a British theoretical physicist
  • Gillian Gibbons, a British woman arrested for naming a teddybear Muhammad in Sudan
  • Grinling Gibbons (1648–1721), a master wood carver
  • J. Whitfield Gibbons, American herpetologist
  • James Gibbons (1834–1921), a Cardinal Archbishop of Baltimore, 1877–1921. See also Jim Gibbons (disambiguation) for other "Jim Gibbons".
  • Jay Gibbons, a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Jim Gibbons (Irish politician)
  • Jim Gibbons, Jr (Irish politician)
  • Jim Gibbons (United States politician) (born 1951), a Governor of Nevada
  • John Gibbons, a former manager of the Toronto Blue Jays
  • John H. Gibbons, a scientist
  • John Joseph Gibbons, an American lawyer and judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • Leeza Gibbons, a television personality
  • Lile Gibbons, American politician
  • Orlando Gibbons (1583–1625), an English composer
  • Paul Gibbons (born 1971), a New Zealand pole vaulter
  • Peter Gibbons (fictional), a character from the popular cult movie, Office Space
  • Sam Gibbons (born 1920), an American politician and distinguished World War II Veteran
  • Scott Gibbons, an American composer
  • Simon Gibbons, a Professor of Phytochemistry at the School of Pharmacy, University of London
  • Stella Gibbons (1902–1989), an author of Cold Comfort Farm
  • Steve Gibbons (musician), a musician from Birmingham
  • Steve Gibbons, an Australian politician
  • Thomas Gibbons (1757–1852), a lawyer, mayor of Savannah, steamboat tycoon, father of William Gibbons (1794–1852)
  • Gibbons Bagnall, poet
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