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Lithuanian Security Police - Overview
... The police in German occupied Lithuania, consisted of separate Nazi German and Nazi Lithuanian units ... The most important German police organizations were the security police (German Sicherheitspolizei) and security service (German Sicherheitsdienst) with headquarters in Kaunas, and the ... The major Lithuanian police organisations were Public Police, Lithuanian Security and Criminal Police, Lithuanian self-defence units (police battalions), Railway Police and Fire Police ...
Yuriy Lutsenko - Political Biography - Incident At Frankfurt Airport
... According to German newspaper Bild Lutsenko was detained at Frankfurt Airport by the German police in a state of acute alcohol intoxication ... Minister described the incident that happened in Frankfurt, and stressed that the German police had officially apologized to the Ukrainian delegation for this incident but that ...
Blue Police - Organization
... In October 1939, General Governor Hans Frank ordered the mobilization of the pre-war Polish police into the service of the Germans ... According to the German plan, the police force was to consist of approximately 12,000 officers, but the actual number of its cadre was much lower ... The Blue Police consisted primarily of Poles and Polish speaking Ukrainians from the eastern parts of the General Government ...
Law Enforcement In Germany - Career Brackets - German Police
... Today nine of 16 State Polices recruit only for the career bracket of the "gehobener Dienst" Entry into "Mittlerer Dienst" requires successful completion of 10 years of schooling, or a successful ... Period of training is 2 1/2 years at the police academy starting with the rank of Polizeimeister-Anwärter ... branch Kriminalpolizei, but in some state polices of the former GDR they still exist ...

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    I guess a career in the police didn’t really prepare you for this, did it?
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    I don’t want to shoot any Englishmen. I never saw one ‘til I came up here. But I suppose most of them never saw a German ‘til they came up here.
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