German Bombers

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The Blitz - Final Attacks - Potency of RAF Night Fighters
... German air supremacy at night was also now under threat ... struggled to reach the speed of the German bombers ... It was faster and able to catch the bombers, and its configuration was also beneficial ...
Ten German Bombers
... Ten German Bombers'" is a patriotic children's song, originally sung by British schoolchildren during World War II but controversially adopted in recent years by English football fans at matches ... format of the song Ten Green Bottles, of which it is effectively a derived variant There were ten German bombers in the air, There were ten German bombers in the ... These verses are then repeated with one more bomber being shot down each time, the tenth verse becoming "There was one" and "shot it down", until there ...
Namsos Campaign - Evacuation
... naval force followed at a distance to protect them against attack by German battle cruisers ... Meanwhile German troops were closing in on the rearguard in the hills outside Namsos, and the convoy ships were vulnerable to air attack if the fog lifted in daylight ... The ships' masts were sticking out above the fog, giving the German bombers an approximate target ...

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    In bombers named for girls, we burned
    The cities we had learned about in school—
    Till our lives wore out; our bodies lay among
    The people we had killed and never seen.
    Randall Jarrell (1914–1965)

    The German mind, may it live! Almost invisible as a mind, it finally manifests itself assertively as a conviction.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)