Generalized Complex Structure

A generalized complex structure is a generalized almost complex structure whose sections are closed under the Courant bracket.

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Generalized Complex Structure - Relation To G-structures - Calabi-Yau Versus Calabi-Yau Metric
... Notice that a generalized Calabi metric structure, which was introduced by Gualtieri, is a stronger condition than a generalized Calabi-Yau structure, which was introduced by Hitchin ... In particular a generalized Calabi-Yau metric structure implies the existence of two commuting generalized almost complex structures ...
Almost Complex Manifold - Generalized Almost Complex Structure
... Nigel Hitchin introduced the notion of a generalized almost complex structure on the manifold M, which was elaborated in the doctoral dissertations of his students Marco Gualtieri and Gil Cavalcanti ... An ordinary almost complex structure is a choice of a half-dimensional subspace of each fiber of the complexified tangent bundle TM ... A generalized almost complex structure is a choice of a half-dimensional isotropic subspace of each fiber of the direct sum of the complexified tangent and cotangent bundles ...

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