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Antikythera Mechanism - Mechanism - Gearing - Proposed Planet Indication Schemes
... Because of the large space between the mean sun gear and the front of the case and the size of and mechanical features on the mean sun gear it is very ... He achieved this by the attachment of three meshing and equally sized gears to one of the spokes of the b1 mean sun gear ... The furthest gear away from the central spindle was fitted with an offset pin over which an arm with a slot was fitted which in turn attached to the sun spindle, causing anomalous movement ...
Boeing B-47 Stratojet - Variants
... Canadair Aircraft, the sub-contractor, attached the Iroquois engine to the right side of the rear fuselage near the tail due to the large exterior diameter of the engine, no other location was feasible ... was a much more substantial update, featuring stronger landing gear, airframe reinforcement, greater fuel capacity, and a bombload uprated to 25,000 lb (11,300 kg ... from USAF, these aircraft were unlike the USAF EB-47Es, with some of their ECM gear fitted into pods carried on the external fuel tank pylons ...

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    Action without a name, a “who” attached to it, is meaningless.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)

    But Lord, remember me and mine
    Wi’ mercies temporal and divine!
    That I for grace and gear may shine,
    Excelled by nane!
    And a’ the glory shall be thine!
    Amen! Amen!
    Robert Burns (1759–1796)