• (adj): Existing as or having characteristics of a gas.
    Example: "Steam is water is the gaseous state"

Some articles on gaseous:

Gaseous Custody Transfer
... Custody transfer of gaseous flow measurement follow guidelines set by the international bodies ... By industrial consensus, gaseous flow measurement is defined as mass flow measurement with an overall uncertainty of ±1.0% or better ...
Gaseous Diffusion
... Gaseous diffusion is a technology used to produce enriched uranium by forcing gaseous uranium hexafluoride (UF6) through semipermeable membranes ... Gaseous diffusion was devised by Francis Simon and Nicholas Kurti at the Clarendon Laboratory in 1940, tasked by the MAUD Committee with finding a method for separating uranium-235 from ... The prototype gaseous diffusion equipment itself was manufactured by Metropolitan-Vickers (MetroVick) at Trafford Park, Manchester, at a cost of £150,000 for four units ...
Lattice Energy
... of formation of the ionic compound from gaseous ions and as such is invariably exothermic ... to completely separate one mole of a solid ionic compound into gaseous ionic constituents ... the energy required to convert the ionic compound into gaseous ions which is an endothermic process, and following this definition the lattice energy of NaCl would be +787 kJ/mol ...
Types of Scintillators - Gaseous Scintillators
... Gaseous scintillators consist of nitrogen and the noble gases helium, argon, krypton, and xenon, with helium and xenon receiving the most attention ... In nuclear physics, gaseous detectors have been used to detect fission fragments or heavy charged particles ...
Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
... The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant is a facility located in Scioto Township, Pike County, Ohio, just south of Piketon, Ohio that previously produced enriched uranium, including weapons-grade uranium ... city of Portsmouth, Ohio, was one of three gaseous diffusion plants in the United States, alongside the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky ... The former gaseous diffusion plant covers 640 acres (260 ha) of the 3,777-acre (1,528 ha) site ...

Famous quotes containing the word gaseous:

    I am not naturally ... “A bag of wind”; yet ... I mean deliberately and decidedly “to cut” in future all my old ideas on this head. I don’t think modesty “pays.” It is a good quality in a family, it is a domestic virtue, it makes a home happy after you have got a home, but it is not potent in getting homes. It is not a money-maker, neither is it lucky in gaining a reputation. I am of the impression that gaseous bodies do better.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)