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History Of Manufactured Gas - Appliances and Machinery of The Historic Gas-works - Retort Bench
... (synonymous with pyrolysis) of the coal feedstock and the evolution of coal gas ... Over the many years of manufactured gas production, advances were made that turned the retort-bench from little more than coal-containing iron vessels over an open ... usually located in a single "retort house", which there was at least one of in every gas-works ...
History Of Manufactured Gas - Appliances and Machinery of The Historic Gas-works - Other Gas-Works Facilities - Purifier
... Coal gas coming directly from the bench was a noxious soup of chemicals, and removal of the most deleterious fractions was important, for improving the quality of the gas, for preventing ... Several offensive fractions being present in a distributed gas might lead to problems – Tar in the distributed gas might gum up the pipes (and could be sold for a good price ... do not compare to the most hazardous contaminant in the raw coal gas the sulfuret of hydrogen (hydrogen sulfide, H2S) ...
Tongham Railway Station - History
... Although a short branch was laid from Tongham to serve the nearby Aldershot Gas Works in 1898, the line became a forgotten byway and was singled in 1930 ... of electrification of other lines in the vicinity, but Tongham remained open to serve the Gas Works until its closure in 1954 ... With the closure of the Gas Works, British Railways decided that the twice-weekly goods service was no longer justified and the last service ran on 31 ...
Swan Village Gas Works
... Swan Village Gas Works, is a historical manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom for the production of coal gas, or as it was known in the vernacular 'town gas' ... The works are situated in Swan Village, a part of West Bromwich in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell ... Most of the works have been demolished although a few relics survive ...
History Of Manufactured Gas - Legal, Regulatory, Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Gas Manufacture
... Gas lighting was one of the most debated technology of the first industrial revolution ... States clearly held though the construction and operation of a gas-works was not the creation of a public nuisance in se, due to the reputation of gas-works as highly undesirable neighbors ... before the courts did result in unfavorable verdicts for gas manufacturers – in one study on early environmental law, actions for nuisance involving gas-works ...

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