Free Settlers

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History Of Australia - Colonisation - Convicts and Colonial Society
... could gain "tickets of leave" for good behaviour and be assigned to work for free men for wages ... development of New South Wales which saw it transition from a penal colony to a budding free society ... whom he decreed should be treated as social equals to free-settlers in the colony ...
History Of Australia (1788-1850) - Colonisation and Convictism - Convicts and Free Settlers
16 January 1793, she brought with her the first immigrant free settlers ... been at Sydney with the Lady Juliana, transport, and who married a free woman after his arrival ... were that they should be provided with a free passage, be furnished with agricultural tools and implements by the Government, have two years' provisions, and ...

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    When old settlers say “One has to understand the country,” what they mean is, “You have to get used to our ideas about the native.” They are saying, in effect, “Learn our ideas, or otherwise get out; we don’t want you.”
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    The bad thing is that thinking about thought doesn’t help at all; one has to have it from nature so that the good ideas appear before us like free children of God calling to us: Here we are.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)