Fox - Classification


Canids commonly known as foxes include members of the following genera:

  • Alopex: Arctic fox, although the definitive mammal taxonomy list as well as genetic evidence places it in Vulpes, and not as a genus unto itself.
  • Canis: The Ethiopian Wolf, also called, variously, Semien fox or Semien jackal (though recently renamed to reflect its biological affinity with the gray wolf).
  • Cerdocyon: Crab-eating fox.
  • Dusicyon: Falkland Islands fox.
  • Lycalopex: Six South American species.
  • Otocyon: Bat-eared fox.
  • Urocyon: Gray fox, island fox and Cozumel fox.
  • Vulpes: Including 12 species of true foxes, including the red fox, V. vulpes, Tibetan Sand Fox, Vulpes ferrilata and their closest kin.
  • The fennec fox is the smallest species of fox.

  • Arctic fox curled up in snow.

  • A Chilla fox in Pan de AzĂșcar National Park in the coast of Atacama Desert.

  • Crab-eating fox, a South American species.

  • Fox exhibit at Cape Fear Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Red fox. Ystad/Sweden 2012.

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