Comedy Central

Comedy Central is an American cable television and satellite television channel that carries comedy programming, both original and syndicated.

Since late 2006, Comedy Central has expanded globally with localized channels in Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Latin America, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, United Kingdom and Spain, Asia (launches in 2012).
International channels are operated by Viacom International Media Networks.

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... Comedy Central began airing Sit Down, Shut Up at 1000PM starting on Tuesday, May 4 ... On July 28, 2010, Comedy Central stopped airing Sit Down, Shut Up after airing the episode "Hurricane Willard." Of the thirteen episodes that reran on Comedy Central, the pilot episode and "High ... It began re-airing weekly, beginning February 25, 2012 (Comedy Central, Saturday mornings) ...
Comedy Central (New Zealand)
... Comedy Central (New Zealand) is a 24 hour comedy television channel owned by Viacom, broadcasting in New Zealand ... It was one of the first Comedy Central franchises to be launched outside of the United States, and first went to air on April Fool's Day 2009 ...
Comedy Central - Criticism
... Comedy Central has been a frequent target of criticism from the conservative group Parents Television Council, which accuses them of bigotry and blasphemy, especially within the programs South Park ... PTC has used their criticisms against Comedy Central for their support of the Family and Consumer Choice Act of 2007, which would allow American cable TV ... to protest publicly the blocking of Comedy Central's embedded video content for non U.S ...
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... However, the actual South Park broadcast itself ran a black screen that read "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network" instead of the ... but claim they harbor no hard feelings toward Comedy Central for censoring the scene, since the network confessed to being "afraid of getting blown up" rather than ... Park Studios webpage, episode "201" was censored by Comedy Central after the studio delivered the episode, but before it was aired ...
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... Koepsell analyzed Comedy Central's reaction to the episode itself, in a section of his book entitled "2005-2006 Comedy Central Caves" ... device, Koepsell seemed to point to an inconsistency in the behavior of Comedy Central relative to the episode ... the Mormons" to Mormonism." He noted Comedy Central had suggested it would not rebroadcast the episode for the second time, though it later announced on July 12, 2006 that it would ...

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    It is comedy which typifies, where it is tragedy which individualizes; where tragedy observes the nice distinctions between man and man, comedy stresses those broad resemblances which make it difficult to tell people apart.
    Harry Levin (b. 1912)