Follow Suit

  • (verb): Do what someone else is doing.

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Glossary Of Contract Bridge Terms - C
... Canapé An approach to bidding in which a player bids his shorter suit prior to his longer suit ... a trick with a card that is currently the highest in the suit, thought likely to succeed, or to take all available winners in a suit ... Change of suit A bid in a new suit, as 1♠ in the sequence 1♦ - 1♥ 1♠ ...
Barbu (card Game) - The Seven Contracts - Trumps
... Declarer picks a trump suit and leads to the first trick ... Others play card as follows If trump is led, each player must, if able, play a higher trump than the highest currently on the table ... Otherwise players simply follow suit, or discard if they are void in trumps ...
Tarot (game) - Rules - Main Phase
... as other trick-taking games with a trump suit the highest trump, if played, takes the trick, and if trump is not played, the highest-value card of the led suit takes the trick ... Once the leader of a trick has played a card, everyone else must follow suit (play a card of that same suit, if they have one) ... If the first card played in a trick is the Fool, the required suit to follow is determined by the following card ...

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