False Dmitriy

False Dmitriy (Russian: Лжедмитрий, Lžedmitrij) is a term that refers to the pretenders to the Russian throne during the Time of Troubles who claimed to be Tsarevich Dmitry Ivanovich of Russia, the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, after the real Dmitriy's death at the age of eight. These impostors claimed to have miraculously escaped the assassination attempt that appeared to have claimed Dmitriy's life. There were several people who claimed to be Dimitriy; the most prominent were the following three:

  • False Dmitriy I, who actually became Tsar of Russia and reigned from 1605 to 1606
  • False Dmitriy II
  • False Dmitriy III

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Notable Impostors - False Royal Heritage Claims
... Mary Carleton who was, amongst other things, a false princess and bigamist ... False Dmitriy I, False Dmitriy II and False Dmitriy III, who all impersonated the son of Ivan the Terrible ... himself MacCarthy Mór and "Prince of Desmond" False Margaret, who impersonated the Maid of Norway ...
False Dmitriy I
... False Dmitriy I (Cyrillic Лжедмитрий other transliterations Dimitri, Dimitrii, Dimitriy, Dimitry, Dmitri, Dmitrii, Dmitry) was the Tsar of Russia from 21 July 1605 until his death on 17 May 1606 under the ... He is sometimes referred to under the title of Dmitriy II ... to be the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, tsarevitch Dmitriy Ivanovich, who had supposedly escaped a 1591 assassination attempt ...
Boris Godunov (play) - Historical Basis
1591 – Ivan’s other son Dmitriy dies under mysterious circumstances in Uglich ... Dmitriy's mother, Maria Nagaya, exiled with him to Uglich by Godunov, claims he was assassinated ... succeed Fyodor I as Tsar, despite the rumors that Boris ordered the murder of Dmitriy ...
Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618) - Polish–Russian War (1609–1618) - Poles in Moscow (1610)
... supporters of the Poles and of the second False Dmitriy left the pro-Polish camp and turned to Shuiski's anti-Polish faction ... Voluyev sent word for Dmitriy Shuiski (Tsar Shuiski's brother) to come to their aid and lift the siege ... Shortly after Shuiski was removed, both Żółkiewski and the second False Dmitri arrived at Moscow with their separate armies ...

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