Dies is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Albert Christoph Dies (1755–1822), German painter, composer, and biographer
  • Josh Dies (b. 1983), American singer, songwriter, musician and author
  • Martin Dies, Jr. (1900–1972), Texas politician
  • Martin Dies, Sr. (1870–1922), Texas politician

Other articles related to "dies, die":

Mudugar - Customs
... Death When a person dies, couriers travel throughout the hamlets, chanting the name of the dead ... Mudugar people do not cry when somebody dies ... When the father dies, his first born son tonsure his head and when the mother dies the second son tonsure his head ...
Press Brake - Dies
... Press brakes can be used for many different forming jobs with the right die design ... Types of dies include V-diesβ€”the most common type of die ... The bottom dies can be made with different-sized die openings to handle a variety of materials and bend angles ...
Adam Fergusson (MEP)
... Among other books, he wrote When Money Dies, a classic account of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic ... First published in 1975, When Money Dies was hailed as a cult classic in the wake of the Financial crisis of 2007-2010, with copies changing hands on eBay for ... As a result, When Money Dies was republished in July 2010, becoming an internet sensation after allegedly being commended by financier, Warren Buffett ...
Timeline Of Extinctions - 2nd Millennium CE - 20th Century - 1910s
1914 - "Martha," the last known Passenger Pigeon, dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo ... - The last Tarpan, a Ukrainian wild horse, dies in captivity ...
Timeline Of Extinctions - 2nd Millennium CE - 19th Century
1827 - The Tonga Ground Skink dies out from its only home in the Tongan Islands. 1889 - The last Hokkaido wolf dies from poisoning campaign ... a subspecies of Elk in the US and Canada, dies out in Minnesota ...

Famous quotes containing the word dies:

    One usually dies because one is alone, or because one has got into something over one’s head. One often dies because one does not have the right alliances, because one is not given support. In Sicily the Mafia kills the servants of the State that the State has not been able to protect.
    Giovanni Falcone (1939–1992)

    The words too, slow, slow, the subject dies before it comes to the verb, words are stopping too.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)

    When somebody dies we usually need reasons for consolation, not so much to alleviate our pain as to excuse ourselves for so readily feeling consoled.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)