• (adj): Of e.g. a molecule; made reactive or more reactive.
    Synonyms: activated
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Be Excited
... Be Excited Studio album by This Is A Standoff Released 2007 Genre Punk rock Melodic hardcore Skate punk Length 3130 Label Funtime Records This Is A Standoff chronology Be Excited (2007) Be Disappointed (2009 ...
Ambient Ionization - Direct Analysis in Real Time
... that contains long-lived electronically or excited neutral atoms, vibronically excited molecules (or "metastables") ... Excited states are formed in a glow discharge in a chamber through which the gas flows ...
Shockley–Queisser Limit - Exceeding The Limit - Multiple Exciton Generation
... is to use semiconductors that generate more than one excited electron per absorbed photon, instead of a single electron at the band edge ... (or singlet exciton fission) by which a singlet excited electron is converted into two triplet excited electrons of lower energy ...
Torque And Speed Of A DC Motor - Torque and Speed of A DC Motor
... to three different magnetization sources, separately excited field, self-excited field or permanent-field, which are used selectively to control the ... Self-excited field motors can be series, shunt, or compound wound connected to the armature ...
STED Microscopy - Problems
... Photobleaching can occur either from excitation into an even higher excited state, or from excitation in the triplet state ... To prevent the excitation of an excited electron into another, higher excited state, the energy of the photon needed to trigger the alternative emission should not overlap the energy of the excitation from one ... emission, and not cause the electron to be excited to another, higher energy state ...

More definitions of "excited":

  • (adj): In an aroused state.

Famous quotes containing the word excited:

    I never learned which party was victorious, nor the cause of the war; but I felt for the rest of that day as if I had had my feelings excited and harrowed by witnessing the struggle, the ferocity and carnage, of a human battle before my door.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Moderation in all things is best, but it’s pretty hard to get excited about it.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Nearly all the bands are mustered out of service; ours therefore is a novelty. We marched a few miles yesterday on a road where troops have not before marched. It was funny to see the children. I saw our boys running after the music in many a group of clean, bright-looking, excited little fellows.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)