Emphasis or emphatic may refer to:

  • Emphasis (telecommunications), intentional alteration of the amplitude-vs.-frequency characteristics of the signal to reduce adverse effects of noise
  • Emphasis (typography), visual enhancement a part of a text to make it noticeable
  • Emphasis! (On Parenthesis), 2008 album by Stanton Moore Trio
  • "Emphasis/Who Wants to Live Forever", 2002 single by After Forever
  • Cultural emphasis, alleged tendency of a language's vocabulary to detail elements of the speakers' culture
  • Emphatic consonant, member of a phonological category of consonants in Semitic languages
  • Emphatic Diaglott, 1864 Bible translation by Benjamin Wilson
  • Emphatic (band), an American rock band

Other articles related to "emphasis":

Labeling (map Design) - Form - Color
... hue) alterations also allow for a further emphasis on certain features ... If the cartographer were to label a river, the extra emphasis would be inherent if the font chosen was blue, to correspond with the blue feature (arc) ... not be the obvious choice because it would appear to be washed out and thus, no emphasis ...
Backbeat - Related Concepts
... In Reggae music, the term One Drop reflects the complete de-emphasis (to the point of silence) of the first beat in the cycle ... James Brown’s signature funk groove emphasized the downbeat – that is, with heavy emphasis "on the one" (the first beat of every measure) – to etch his distinctive sound, rather than the back ...
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Alexandria, Virginia) - Architecture - Later Modifications
... Over the course of the 19th century, the simplified liturgy with an emphasis on preaching that was prevalent in Virginia when St ... Paul’s to a greater emphasis on ritual ... As a result of further change in liturgical emphasis to give the Eucharist a more central role in worship, the altar was moved in 1968 from the rear of the recessed ...
Abimelech (oratorio) - Abimelech
... There is an emphasis on the sexual jealousy of Abraham over Abimelech's treatment of Sarah ... However, there is also an emphasis on the impious actions of the Gentiles of Gerar and of their inability to love properly, especially when Hagar sings Lo, her ears Have suffer'd profanation from the lips ...
Skyline University College (Sharjah) - Postgraduate Programs
... Skyline University College offers Master’s Degrees, with an emphasis on Emphasis on Marketing Emphasis on Finance Emphasis on Human Resource Pre-MBA and Weekend MBA ...

Famous quotes containing the word emphasis:

    Understanding child development takes the emphasis away from the child’s character—looking at the child as good or bad. The emphasis is put on behavior as communication. Discipline is thus seen as problem-solving. The child is helped to learn a more acceptable manner of communication.
    Ellen Galinsky (20th century)

    The community and family networks which helped sustain earlier generations have become scarcer for growing numbers of young parents. Those who lack links to these traditional sources of support are hard-pressed to find other resources, given the emphasis in our society on providing treatment services, rather than preventive services and support for health maintenance and well-being.
    Bernice Weissbourd (20th century)

    The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg (b. 1933)