East Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesian: Nusa Tenggara Timur) is a province of Indonesia in the eastern part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, including West Timor. The provincial capital is Kupang in West Timor. East Nusa Tenggara is the only province in Indonesia where Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion. Nusa Tenggara Timur, in Indonesian, means Eastern Southeastern Islands (like Nusa Tenggara Tengah: Central Southeastern Islands)

The province consists of about 566 islands but is dominated by the three main islands of Flores, Sumba, and West Timor, the western half of the island of Timor. The eastern part of Timor is the independent country of East Timor. Other islands include Adonara, Alor, Komodo, Lembata, Menipo, Raijua, Rincah, Rote Island (the southernmost island in Indonesia), Savu, Semau, and Solor. The highest point in the province is Mount Mutis in the Timor Tengah Selatan district, 2,427 meters above sea level.

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