Mortality is the state of being mortal, or susceptible to death; the opposite of immortality.

It may also refer to:

  • Mortality rate, a measure of the number of deaths in a given population
  • Case mortality rate, a measure of the number of deaths among a set of diagnosed hospital illness or injury cases
  • Mortality displacement, denotes a (forward) temporal shift in the rate of mortality
  • Mortality drag, a term to describe a negative impact that is experienced when an annuity purchase is delayed
  • Mortality (band), a thrash metal band from Sydney, Australia
  • Mortality (computability theory), a property of a Turing machine if it halts when run on any starting configuration
  • Mortality, differential attrition between groups in a scientific study
  • Mortality (book), a 2012 collection of essays by Anglo-American writer Christopher Hitchens

Mortal may refer to:

  • Human, as distinct from a supernatural being
  • Mortal (band), a Christian industrial band
  • Mortal Kombat, a fighting game series

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Sheppard–Towner Act - Reasons For The Act's Passage
... The Bureau also investigated high rates of infant and maternal mortality rates ... infant mortality rate was 111.2 deaths per 1000 live births, a rate that was higher than most other industrialized countries ... The study also found a correlation between poverty and mortality rate ...
Lovaza - Effectiveness
... patient outcomes such as acute myocardial infarction, stroke, cardiovascular and all-cause mortality have been studied in patients who have suffered a ... Lovaza has not been shown to lower the rates of all cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality, or the combination of mortality and non-fatal cardiovascular events ...
List Of Mexican States By Infant Mortality
... The following is the list of infant mortality by states of Mexico, it included all infants under the age of four ... Mexican States by Infant Mortality (2006, Total) Number State Infant mortality (Total) 1 Aguascalientes 2 ... Baja California 3 ... Baja California Sur 4 ... Campeche 5 ... Coahuila 6 ... Colima 7 ... Chiapas 494 8 ...
Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome - Mortality
... SMA syndrome is estimated to have a mortality rate of 1 in 3 ... Delay in the diagnosis of SMA syndrome can result in fatal catabolysis (advanced malnutrition), dehydration, oliguria, electrolyte abnormalities, hypokalemia, acute gastric rupture or intestinal perforation (from prolonged mesenteric ischemia), gastrectasia, spontaneous upper gastrointestinal bleeding, hypovolemic shock, aspiration pneumonia, or sudden cardiovascular collapse (from increased velocity of bloodflow in the SMA due to the reduced mesenteric angle) ...
Cognitive Epidemiology - Overall Mortality and Morbidity
... A strong inverse correlation between early life intelligence and mortality has been shown across different populations, in different countries, and in different epochs." Various explanations for ... have a range of better behaviours that may partly explain their lower mortality risk ... US soldiers showed a similar relationship between IQ and mortality ...

Famous quotes containing the word mortality:

    When I turned into a parent, I experienced a real and total personality change that slowly shifted back to the “normal” me, yet has not completely vanished. I believe the two levels are now superimposed, with an additional sprinkling of mortality intimations.
    Sonia Taitz (20th century)