Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a land vehicle, such as a car, truck or bus.

Although direct operation of a bicycle and a mounted animal are commonly referred to as riding, such operators are legally considered drivers and are required to obey the rules of the road. Driving over a long distance is referred to as a road trip.

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Wood Drying - Driving Forces For Moisture Movement
... Three main driving forces used in different version of diffusion models are moisture content, the partial pressure of water vapour, and the chemical potential (Skaar, 1988 Keey et al ... Total pressure difference is the driving force during wood vacuum drying ...
Driving Laws
... A person is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which he or she is driving ... jurisdictions, as do laws imposing criminal responsibility for negligent driving, vehicle safety inspections and compulsory insurance ... also have differing laws against driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs ...
Microsleep - Driving
... When experiencing microsleeps while driving an automobile, from the perspective of the driver, he or she drives a car, and then suddenly realizes that several seconds have passed by unnoticed ...
John W. Cahn - Work - Solidification
... in the presence of a thermodynamic driving force (typically in the form of the degree of undercooling) ... in a crystalline medium, there exists a critical driving force, which, if exceeded, will enable the surface or interface to advance normal to itself, and, if not exceeded, will require the ... Thus, for sufficiently large driving forces, the interface can move uniformly without the benefit of either a heterogeneous nucleation or screw dislocation ...
American Family Insurance - Awards
... Safety Council selected American Family Insurance as a recipient of its Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award ... system) in which parents can watch the actual driving actions of their teens ... program was validated by scientists at the University of Iowa to produce a 70% reduction in risky driving behavior ...

Famous quotes containing the word driving:

    On a late-winter evening in 1983, while driving through fog along the Maine coast, recollections of old campfires began to drift into the March mist, and I thought of the Abnaki Indians of the Algonquin tribe who dwelt near Bangor a thousand years ago.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    I try to make a rough music, a dance of the mind, a calculus of the emotions, a driving beat of praise out of the pain and mystery that surround me and become me. My poems are meant to make your mind get up and shout.
    Judith Johnson Sherwin (b. 1936)

    Most of the rules and precepts of the world take this course of pushing us out of ourselves and driving us into the market place, for the benefit of public society.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)