Double Bonds

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Acyclic Diene Metathesis
... The new double bonds formed can be in cis- or trans-configuation, the exact ratio depends on the monomer and catalyst structures ... had a weight average molar mass (Mw) of 28,000 with over 70% trans double bonds ... The poly(octenylene) had an Mw of 108,000 with over 90% trans double bonds ...
Birch Reduction - Reaction Regioselectivity
... that the product will have the residual double bonds bearing the maximum number of substituents ... as carboxyl, the substituent groups avoid the double bonds ... and with withdrawing groups, the residual double bonds are unconjugated (vide infra) ...
Resonance (chemistry) - Resonance Energy - Resonance Energy of Benzene
... Hydrogenation of one mole of double bonds delivers 119.7 kJ (28.6 kcal), as can be deduced from the last step, the hydrogenation of cyclohexene ... In benzene, however, 23.4 kJ (5.6 kcal) are needed to hydrogenate one mole of double bonds ... hydrogenation energy of three 'non-resonance' double bonds and the measured hydrogenation energy (3 × 119.7) − 208.4 = 150.7 kJ/mol (36 kcal) ...
Alpha-Parinaric Acid
... The repeating single bond-double bond structure of α-parinaric acid distinguishes it structurally and chemically from the usual "methylene-interrupted" arrangement ... Because of the fluorescent properties conferred by the alternating double bonds, α-parinaric acid is commonly used as a molecular probe in the study of biomembranes ...
Trans Fat - Chemistry
... chemical terms, trans fat refers to a lipid molecule that contains one or more double bonds in trans geometric configuration ... A double bond may exhibit one of two possible configurations trans or cis ... configuration, the carbon chain extends from opposite sides of the double bond, rendering a straighter molecule, whereas, in cis configuration, the carbon chain extends from the same side of the double bond ...

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