Donat may refer to


  • Camille Donat, French professional triathlete
  • Donat, Bishop of Dublin
  • Zdzisława Donat, Polish opera singer
  • Robert Donat, English actor
  • Peter Donat, Canadian actor and nephew of Robert Donat
  • Jan Piwnik, (nom de guerre Ponury ("Gloomy"), Donat), a Polish World War II soldier
  • Donat Savoie, a Canadian anthropologist

Other uses:

  • Donat, Switzerland, a municipality
  • Donat of the Order of St John, contributor to its funds

Other articles related to "donat":

Vaz/Obervaz - History
... Donat in Zorten discovered Roman finds, among others ... most important representatives of the dynasty were Walter IV and Donat of Vaz ... Donat left two daughters, Kunigunde, who married Friedrich von Toggenburg, and Ursula, who married Rudolph von Werdenberg Sargans after the death of Donat ...
Alexander Donat
... Alexander Donat (1905 in Warsaw-16 June 1983 in New York City) was one of the few survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and witness to the Jewish genocide accomplished by the Nazis in Poland during the Second World War ... His son William Donat is a noted publisher and graphic artist ... In 1977 Donat became a member of "The Holocaust Library" a non-profit program to launch books that condemn persecution and tell of the personal experiences of the Jews during the ...
Donat, Switzerland - Languages
... Languages in Donat (merger of Donath and Patzen-Fardün) Languages Census 1980 Census 1990 Census 2000 Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent German 32 18.29% 50 29.24% 81 ...
Saint-Donat, Lanaudière, Quebec - Tourism
... Saint-Donat is often frequented by tourists in the winter ... Many people who vacation in Saint-Donat during the summer enjoy swimming or boating on its two large lakes, Lake Archambault and Lake Ouareau ... Saint-Donat is the only village in the Laurentiens that has two side-by-side lakes of the size of Archambault and Ouareau ...
Captain-major - North Atlantic
... Madeira islands (3 captaincies) Funchal - 1st Capitão Donatário João Gonçalves Zarco Machico - 1st Capitão Donatário Tristão Vaz Teixeira Porto ...