Dolby Surround

Dolby Surround was the earliest consumer version of Dolby's multichannel analog film sound decoding format Dolby Stereo. It was introduced to the public in 1982 during the time home video recording formats (such as Betamax and VHS) were introducing Stereo and HiFi capability. The term Dolby Surround is used so as not to confuse theater surround (Dolby SR, which has four channels of audio) with home stereo, which has only two. Dolby Surround is the earliest domestic version of theatrical Dolby Stereo. The term also applies to the encoding of material in this sound format.

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Dolby Laboratories - History
... Dolby Labs was founded by American Ray Dolby in Great Britain in 1965 ... The first product he made was Type A Dolby Noise Reduction, a simple compander ... One of the features that set Dolby's compander apart was that it treated only the quiet sounds that would be masked by tape noise ...
Dolby Surround - Technical Details
... See also Dolby Digital When a Dolby Stereo/Dolby Surround soundtrack is produced, five elements of audio information (left, center, right, sub and surround) are matrix-encoded into only two channels ... The surround information is carried on stereo sources such as VHS TV, DVDs, 35mm theatrical print optical soundtracks, or television broadcasts from which it can be decoded by a processor ... As the technology of a Dolby Surround decoder is virtually the same as decoding the monaural surround soundtrack, many Dolby Stereo encoded films could be transferred with little change to ...
Nathaniel Johnson (broadcaster)
... While in England for WGBH, Johnson received an invitation from Ray Dolby to tour Dolby Laboratories at Clapham ... Working with Dolby engineers in New York, Nat Johnson pioneered the implementation of Dolby Surround Sound for compact-discs at the RCA Studios where ... Among his principal projects in Dolby Surround were the remakes of RCA's Victory at Sea (Volumes 1 2), Motion Picture Classics (Volumes 1 2) with Arthur Fiedler ...
Dolby Stereo - Dolby Surround
... Dolby Surround' was the earliest consumer version of Dolby's multichannel analog film sound format Dolby Stereo ... Due to the compatibility of the Dolby Stereo matrix with mono and stereo playback, when films originally made in Dolby Stereo were released on stereo domestic video formats, such as VHS-HiFi ... sounded in the theater and for that market some manufacturers produced simplified surround decoders ...
Dolby Pro Logic - Pro Logic Vs. Dolby Surround
... Dolby Surround is the encoding counterpart to Dolby Pro Logic's decoding technology, but early home implementations of Dolby Surround decoding went by the ... Dolby Surround and Dolby Pro Logic decoders are similar in principle, as both use matrix technology to extract extra channels from stereo-encoded audio ... However, Dolby Surround only decodes the rear surround channel, while Dolby Pro Logic also decodes the center channel ...

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