Docking may refer to:

  • for ships, the use of a Dock, e.g. mooring or drydocking.
  • Spacecraft docking, the process of joining one spacecraft or space station module to another.
  • Docking (animal), the practice of trimming the tail of an animal.
    • Docking (dog), the above practice as specifically applies to dogs.
    • similar maiming of humans, e.g. corporal punishment
  • Dock (computing), a user interface component that provides a user a way of launching and switching between applications.
  • Docking (molecular)
  • Docking, Norfolk, a Norfolk village
  • The piercing of dough as it is manipulated, sometimes with a tool such as a Roller docker.
  • Docking (sex), a sex act.
  • Docking@Home, a distributed computing project

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STS-134 - Mission Payload - Sensor Test of Orion Rel-nav Risk Mitigation Detailed Test Objective Kit
... The Orion Rel-nav Sensor was mounted on the Orbiter Docking System (ODS) in Trajectory Control Sensor slot 1 and on an Adaptive Payload Carrier in the bay 3 port of the ... back towards the station, flying a nominal orbiter trajectory for docking to the ISS's Pressurized Mating Adapter-2 ... On STS-131, the docking target on the ISS was enhanced with reflectors, to allow for the characterization of the Orion Rel-Nav sensors' performance during STS-134's rendezvous and proximity ...
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List Of United States Political Families (D) - The Dockings
... George Docking (1904–1964), Governor of Kansas 1957–1961 ... Father of Robert Docking ... Robert Docking (1925–1983), Governor of Kansas 1967–1975 ...
Soyuz TMA-21 - Docking
... The docking to the Poisk module occurred as the two spacecraft were orbiting over the Andes Mountains in Chile ...
Soyuz TMA-20 - Launch and Docking - Docking
... spacecraft docked with the Rassvet module's docking port at 2012 GMT on December 17, 2010 ... The docking occurred as the space station flew over western Africa at an altitude of 224 miles ... In preparation for the day's docking procedure, the automated rendezvous sequence aboard Soyuz TMA-20 began at about 1749 GMT ...