Dijon - International Relations - Twin Towns – Sister Cities

Twin Towns – Sister Cities

Dijon is twinned with :

  • Cluj-Napoca in Romania
  • Dallas in United States
  • Mainz in Germany
  • Opole in Poland
  • Pécs in Hungary
  • Reggio Emilia in Italy
  • Skopje in Macedonia
  • Volgograd in Russia
  • York in England
  • Białystok in Poland
  • Koshigaya in Japan
  • Guimarães in Portugal

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Famous quotes containing the words sister, cities, towns and/or twin:

    For she has made me the laily worm
    That lies at the fit o’ the tree,
    An’ my sister Masery she’s made
    The machrel of the sea.
    —Unknown. The Laily Worm and the Machrel of the Sea (l. 5–8)

    Do you know what Agelisas said, when he was asked why the great city of Lacedomonie was not girded with walls? Because, pointing out the inhabitants and citizens of the city, so expert in military discipline and so strong and well armed: “Here,” he said, “are the walls of the city,” meaning that there is no wall but of bones, and that towns and cities can have no more secure nor stronger wall than the virtue of their citizens and inhabitants.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)

    The recent attempt to secure a charter from the State of North Dakota for a lottery company, the pending effort to obtain from the State of Louisiana a renewal of the charter of the Louisiana State Lottery, and the establishment of one or more lottery companies at Mexican towns near our border, have served the good purpose of calling public attention to an evil of vast proportions.
    Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)

    If they be two, they are two so
    As stiff twin compasses are two;
    Thy soul, the fixed foot, makes no show
    To move, but doth if th’ other do.
    John Donne (1572–1631)