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"Ever since I can remember, music has filled my heart and soul. From my humble beginnings of banging on trash cans at the age of six to touring across the country all through my twenties, music was my one constant companion. I've delved in many genres but playing Spanish/ flamenco music on a nylon guitar with my brother and four other dear friends seems to fuel my muse to infinite measures. All I've learned through my 24 years of playing, touring, producing and engineering has led me to this point." –Rick del Castillo
  • Mark del Castillo – Guitar/Vocals
Mark del Castillo grew up in the Rio Grande Valley city of Brownsville, Texas surrounded by the many musical influences of his family. Inspired by the talent and success of his older brother Rick del Castillo, he began to immerse himself in the study of guitar at age 14. Mark was a self-taught guitarist until he became a Music Major at the University of Texas at Brownsville in 1990. At that time he studied Music Theory, Ear Training, and Applied Guitar as well as joining the University Latin/Jazz band. In 1991, at the age of 19, he joined a cover band called Kickstart and began to build a reputation for himself as a guitarist. After playing with Kickstart for over three years, Mark moved away to pursue further education in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University. While a student there, he and some friends formed a cover band called Vivid. After graduating in 1996, Mark and Vivid relocated to Austin, Texas and began to play regularly on the world-renowned 6th Street Circuit, various other cities in Texas, and even in Europe. While playing in Vivid, he joined his first original rock band called Milhouse. This was his first collaboration with Mike Zeoli (Del Castillo's drummer). On the first Milhouse CD, which his brother Rick recorded and produced, Mark recorded an instrumental Latin track entitled “Para Mija Linda” showcasing his flamenco-style Spanish guitar playing. This song became a huge inspiration for him to return to his roots and write more Spanish guitar music. After composing several instrumentals, Mark began working with Alex Ruiz to add lyrics to some of the songs. Mark presented these songs to his brother Rick, who, realizing that they had never worked together, suggested that the Del Castillo brothers combine their creative forces and talents. Mark realized that this is the music that is true to his heart, in his soul, and will always live within him.
  • Alex Ruiz – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica
Born in the light of love
Living in a state of grace
Channeling music from above
You can see it all over my face
My brothers surrounding me,
Light covers the soul
There is no darkness
Only Del Castillo.
- Paz y Amor, Lobo Ruiz
  • Albert Besteiro – Bass
Born in the Barrio, "raised on Budweiser and Blues!" (No prior felony convictions.)
  • Mike Zeoli – Drums
As a child, Mike was fascinated by the entrancing power of rhythm. He was known to entertain his neighborhood friends with daily performances full of dancing and drumming. Every night before falling asleep, he would lie in his bed and dream of playing thunderous, polyrhythmic beats that traveled on magic sound waves into outer space and into heaven.
"The beats and rhythms I play are like my prayers and gifts to the multi (uni)verse."
Mike has a diverse background in music and rhythm. He has performed with Ahmad Aladeen, Bobby Shoe, Clark Terry and Louis Bellson. He studied music at S.M.S.U. in Springfield, Missouri and also studied privately with John Cushon (Oleta Adams) and Gary Chaffee (independent).
  • Carmelo Torres – Percussion/Vocals (joined the band in the end of 2006)
Born in Los Angeles to well-known percussionist Bobby Torres and acclaimed dancer/choreographer Julane Stites, Carmelo began playing different instruments and dancing at age 6. Growing up in a musical family afforded him the opportunity to become, as he describes it, a multi-instrumentalist. He eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, and began developing different skills in music and dance. In the late '90's, Carmelo relocated to Austin and started honing his skills as a drummer/percussionist, as well as a songwriter. He performed and recorded with various popular Austin bands before officially joining Del Castillo in late 2006.
  • Noah Mosgofian - Congas, Timbales, percussion (joined the band in 2008)
From San Francisco CA, Noah began at age 18 his study of folkloric drums and dance from Ghana, Congo, Cuba, Guinea, Mali, and Brazil (among others). Performing in the SF area during the rise of the 'jam band' gave Noah the opportunity to play many styles including funk, jazz, electronic trance, and salsa.

In 2000, Noah joined the world-renowned percussion show "STOMP" and spent 6 years performing and touring internationally. An Austin resident since 2006, Noah's performing credits include scores of bands in CA, TX, and Hawaii, as well as appearances with members of the Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Michael Franti, the Motet, Grupo Fantasma, and many others.

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