Some articles on deformed:

The Concept Of Anxiety - Eternity
... to the deaf, give sight to the blind and physical beauty to the deformed hence it will also heal me ... enough in time-that I not only suffered but also became guilty of it? After all, the deformed person only has to bear the pain of being deformed, but how terrible if being deformed made him guilty! So when ...
Myrmekite - Formation
... Collins explains the formation of myrmekite by the K-metasomatic replacement of deformed primary plagioclase by secondary K-feldspar different varieties of Ca- and Na-Ca-metasomatism ...
Animal Side Shows - History
... Some shows also exhibited deformed animals (such as two-headed cows, one-eyed pigs, and four-horned goats) and famous hoaxes, or simply "science gone wrong ... For example, Michigan law forbids the "exhibition any deformed human being or human monstrosity, except as used for scientific purposes" ...
Super Deformed - Proportions
... The head of a super deformed character is normally anywhere between one third (13 ratio) and one half (12 ratio) the character's height, often a golden ratio (38 percent ... In addition to their modified proportions, super deformed characters typically lack the detail of their normal counterparts ... As a result, when a character of average proportions is depicted as a super deformed character, certain aspects of his or her design will be simplified and others will ...
Distorted Thread Locknut - Elliptical Offset Nuts
... or non-slotted hex locknuts, is a nut that has been deformed at one end so that the threads are no longer perfectly circular ... The deformed end is usually shaped into an ellipse or obround triangle ... The nut is easily started on the male fastener as the bottom portion is not deformed ...

Famous quotes containing the word deformed:

    I should prefer a Woman that is agreeable in my own Eye, and not deformed in that of the World, to a celebrated Beauty. If you marry one remarkably beautiful, you must have a violent Passion for her, or you have not the proper Taste of her Charms; and if you have such a Passion for her, it is odds but it will be imbittered [sic] with Fears and Jealousies.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)

    The sense of an entailed disadvantage—the deformed foot doubtfully hidden by the shoe, makes a restlessly active spiritual yeast, and easily turns a self-centred, unloving nature into an Ishmaelite. But in the rarer sort, who presently see their own frustrated claim as one among a myriad, the inexorable sorrow takes the form of fellowship and makes the imagination tender.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    O! I must tell you that I have fallen in love with a gentleman whom I have lately come acquainted with: he is about 60 or 70—has the misfortune to be humpbacked, crooked legged, and rather deformed in his face.—But, in sober sadness, I am delighted with the Dean of Coleraine, whose picture this is, and which I have very lately read. The piety, the zeal, the humanity, goodness and humility of this charming old man have won my heart. Ah! who will not envy him the invaluable treasure!
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)