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List Of Unrecognized Tribes In The United States - List of Unrecognized Groups Claiming To Be American Indian Tribes - Washington
... Letter of Intent to Petition 06/07/1977 Declined to Acknowledge 05/08/2002 (66 FR 49966) ... Letter of Intent to Petition 03/13/1975 Declined to Acknowledge 03/05/2004 68 FR 68942 ... Declined Acknowledgment effective 6/17/2008 73 FR 14833 ...
Slovenian Third League - Winners
... Korte1 2003–04 Factor Ježica3 Nafta Lendava4 Šoštanj4 Korte3 1 Korte declined promotion, their place was taken by second placed Tabor Sežana 2 Čarda and Pohorje declined promotion (no replacement taken ...
Sanskrit Nouns - Numerals
... náva dáśa The numbers one through four are declined ... Éka is declined like a pronominal adjective, though the dual form does not occur ... Trí and catúr are declined irregularly ...
Climate Change In Australia - Instrumental Climate Records - Local Variations
... during the May to August rainy season has declined by 20 percent since 1968, after being at its highest from 1915 to 1947 ... Aided by increased winter temperatures and evaporation, runoff has declined over the past forty years by as much as sixty percent ... In Hobart, the annual rainfall has declined by about one-sixth since that time, and not one of the nineteen wettest years since 1882 has occurred since 1976 ...
List Of Coronation Street Characters (2007) - George Trench
... who Norris's love interest was, after receiving a declined proposal from business partner Rita (Barbara Knox), Norris went on to propose to Rita's friend Doreen Fenwick (Barbara Young), only to discover ...

Famous quotes containing the word declined:

    He asked me whether I would not go with him to his house; I declined it, from an apprehension that my spirits would sink. We bade adieu to each other affectionately in the carriage. When he had got down upon the foot-pavement, he called out, “Fare you well;” and without looking back, sprung away with a kind of pathetick briskness, if I may use that expression, which seemed to indicate a struggle to conceal uneasiness, and impressed me with a foreboding of our long, long separation.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    ‘Tis certain, greatness, once fallen out with fortune,
    Must fall out with men too. What the declined is,
    He shall as soon read in the eyes of others
    As feel in his own fall.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)