Data Packets

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Ex OR (wireless Network Protocol) - The Algorithm
... radio, the source, broadcasts a batch of packets ... further from the destination retransmit the packets that no closer radio has yet retransmitted ... transmission time that closer radios will need in order to transmit packets ...
Universal Serial Bus - Communication - Data Packets
... A data packet consists of the PID followed by 0–1,023 bytes of data payload (up to 1,024 in high bandwidth, at most 8 at low bandwidth), and a 16-bit CRC ... There are two basic forms of data packet, DATA0 and DATA1 ... A data packet must always be preceded by an address token, and is usually followed by a handshake token from the receiver back to the transmitter ...
Disadvantages To Data Discrimination
... Those that oppose data discrimination say that it hurts the growth of the Internet, as well as the economy that is rooted into the depths of the Internet model ... the economy.“ If, for example, telecommunication network operators blocked data packets of Voice-over-IP services that might substitute their own telephone services ... Although data packets are homogeneous with respect to switching and transmission treatment, type, source, and destination can be revealed and data packets ...

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