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X.25 - Addressing and Virtual Circuits
... The X.121 address consists of a three-digit data country code (DCC) plus a network digit, together forming the four-digit data network identification code (DNIC), followed ... For identifying the channel to which a packet is associated, each packet contains a 12 bit logical channel identifier made up of an 8-bit logical channel number ... as viewed by the DTE—they all carry data in both directions.) The ranges allowed a subscriber to be configured to handle significantly differing numbers of calls in each direction while ...
Electronic Envelope
... understand the terminology or break any encryption of data ... an electronic e-mail with a message or data which has been encrypted into a data packet ... is at the top of the e-mail message and the encrypted message or data packet is in the message area ...
Universal Serial Bus - Communication - Data Packets
... A data packet consists of the PID followed by 0–1,023 bytes of data payload (up to 1,024 in high bandwidth, at most 8 at low bandwidth), and a 16-bit CRC ... There are two basic forms of data packet, DATA0 and DATA1 ... A data packet must always be preceded by an address token, and is usually followed by a handshake token from the receiver back to the transmitter ...
Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing - Workings - Technical Description
... is established only when it is required by a source node for transmitting data packets ... Routing (DSR) stems out from the fact that DSR uses source routing in which a data packet carries the complete path to be traversed ... and the intermediate nodes store the next-hop information corresponding to each flow for data packet transmission ...

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    we know our end
    A packet of worm-seed, a garden of spent tissues.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

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