Darwin Falls Wilderness

The Darwin Falls Wilderness is a wilderness area in the northern Mojave Desert, and part of the National Wilderness Preservation System established by the California Desert Protection Act (Public Law 103-433) and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The Darwin Falls Wilderness Area was established on October 31, 1994 with a total of 8,176 acres (33 km2).

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Darwin Falls Wilderness - Access
... The nearest settlement is the community of Darwin, California ... Access to this wilderness is via State Route 190 through Panamint Valley approximately 30 miles east of Olancha and along the road into Darwin or down the Darwin Canyon Road ... The primary access point is Darwin Canyon Road halfway between Darwin and Olancha, California ...
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... Official Darwin Falls Wilderness Area website Bureau of Land Management Darwin Falls Wilderness MAP Darwin Falls Wilderness photographs Darwin Falls WildernessWilderness ...

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