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  • Members of Charles Darwin's family:
    • Anne Darwin (1841–1851), daughter of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Bernard Darwin (1876–1961), golf writer
    • Charles Darwin (1809–1882), English naturalist and writer
    • Charles Darwin (1758–1778) physician and scientist, uncle of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Charles Galton Darwin (1887–1962), physicist and activist
    • Charles Waring Darwin (1856–1858), youngest son of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Edward Levett Darwin (1821–1901), solicitor and author
    • Elizabeth Darwin (1847–1926), daughter of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Emma Darwin née Wedgwood (1808–1896), wife of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Emma Darwin (novelist) (fl. 2000s), novelist
    • Erasmus Darwin (1731–1802), physician and biologist, grandfather of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Erasmus Alvey Darwin (1804–1881), brother of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Etty Darwin (1843–1929), daughter of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Francis Darwin (1848–1925), botanist
    • Francis Sacheverel Darwin (1786–1859), physician and traveler
    • George Darwin (1845–1912), astronomer and mathematician
    • Gwen Raverat née Gwendoline Mary Darwin (1885–1957), artist
    • Horace Darwin (1851–1928), civil engineer
    • Leonard Darwin (1850–1943), soldier, politician, and activist
    • Nora Barlow née Emma Nora Darwin (1885–1989)
    • Robert Darwin (1766–1848), physician, father of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Robert Waring Darwin of Elston (1724–1816), author of Principia Botanica
    • Robin Darwin (1910–1974), artist
    • Ursula Mommens née Darwin (1908–2010), potter
    • William Erasmus Darwin (1839–1914), eldest son of Charles Darwin (1809–1882)
    • Randal Keynes, descendant of Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and author of Annie's Box
  • Ben Darwin (born 1976), Australian international Rugby player
  • Bobby Darwin, (born 1943), American baseball player
  • Danny Darwin (born 1955), American baseball player
  • Donald Victor Darwin (1896–1972) Australian road engineer
  • Jeff Darwin (born 1969), American baseball player
  • John Darwin (statistician), (born 1923)
  • John (born 1950) and Anne Darwin, fraudsters in the John Darwin disappearance case
  • Mike Darwin (born 1955), American writer and activist

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