Darwin - Craters


  • Darwin (lunar crater)
  • Darwin (Martian crater)
  • Darwin Crater, in Tasmania

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Lunar South Pole - Craters
... The rotational axis of the moon lies within Shackleton Crater ... Notable craters nearest to the lunar south pole include De Gerlache, Sverdrup, Shoemaker, Faustini, Haworth, Nobile and Cabeus ...
Akan Volcanic Complex - Volcanology - Craters
... Nakamachineshiri (Nakamatineshiri) Crater Ponmachineshiri (Ponmatinesiri) Crater. ...
Charitum Montes - Gullies
... Usually, gullies are found on the walls of craters or troughs, but Charitum Montes has gullies in some areas ... Gullies occur on steep slopes, especially craters ... to be relatively young because they have few, if any craters, and they lie on top of sand dunes which are young ...
Central Island
... It is composed of more than a dozen craters and cones, three of which are filled by small lakes ... The two largest lakes partially fill craters up to a kilometre wide and about 80 m deep, the floors of which are near sea level ... An E-W-trending chain of small explosion craters cuts the eastern side of the 3-km-wide island ...
Cebrenia Quadrangle - Other Craters
... Impact craters generally have a rim with ejecta around them, in contrast volcanic craters usually do not have a rim or ejecta deposits ... Sometimes craters will display layers ... Since the collision that produces a crater is like a powerful explosion, rocks from deep underground are tossed onto the surface ...

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