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Stichophthalma Nourmahal - Description
... for terms used Male upperside bright chocolate-brown ... preapical band from costa to termen apex and the termen narrowly dark brown a subterminal series of delicate, brown, trident-shaped marks ... margin yellow, bearing paired, lunular, brown marks in the interspaces ...
Acrochordonichthys - Description - Species Groups
... Most have a light-brown saddle extending for the length of the adipose fin and some have spots on the side of the body in place of the saddle ... head, which ranges from light to chocolate brown ... ischnosoma, a series of longitudinal chocolate brown patches arranged to form a faintly reticulate pattern is present in all specimens observed ...
List Of Cyathus Species - Species
... × 5–7 experidium finely plicate, woolly, hairs yellowish-brown endoperidium distinctly plicate peridioles 2–3 × 1.2–2 mm, dark gray and shiny 14–19 × 12–16 subglobose L ... annulatus Cypress Hills (Canada) 7–10 × 7–12 pale brown, covered on exoperidium with tomentum basal emplacement small and inconspicuous endoperidium pale ... badius Japan 8–10 × 6–8 Exoperidium dark brown, fruiting bodies arising from wooly base 3–mm in diameter peridioles lenticular, 2.3 mm long by 2 mm wide by 0.6–0.9 mm thick, silvery-lead colored ...
Stichophthalma Sparta - Description
... median, postdiscal, sub terminal and terminal dark brown sinuous lines a discal row of dark ochraceous ocelli, six on fore, five on hind wing and, bordering the ocelli on the inner side ... Antennae dark brown head, thorax and abdomen ochraceous, abdomen paler beneath ... pale green with a silky lustre, the median transverse dark brown line outwardly bordered from costa of fore to vein 1 of hind wing with greenish white the dusky-black ...
Evarcha Bicuspidata
... Males are dark brown, with a darker area around the eyes ... They are covered with dark brown and white hairs ... Two pairs of yellowish brown transverse bands are seen on the thoracic area ...

Famous quotes containing the words brown and/or dark:

    they are brown and soft,
    And liable to melt as snow.
    Hart Crane (1899–1932)

    He said “Next time can I bring my friend?”
    And I thought “Does he mean friend?”
    And I thought “Yes he does mean friend.”
    Which was quite bold in those days.
    It was the Dark Ages. Men and men.
    And they could still put you in prison for it.
    And did, dear.
    Alan Bennett (b. 1934)