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Geobreeders - Were-Cats
... "changing cats" or "ghost cats" ... The origins of the were-cats are unknown ... of power to force humans to allow were-cats to live unhindered ...
2009 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Season
... The 2009 Hamilton Tiger-Cats season was the 52nd season for the team in the Canadian Football League and their 60th overall ... The Tiger-Cats finished the season in second place in the East division with a 9–9 record and qualified for the Grey Cup playoffs for the first time since 2004 ...
Leonor Fini - Life and Work
... to live in a sort of community - A big house with my atelier and cats and friends, one with a man who was rather a lover and another who was rather a friend ... One of his jobs was to look after her beloved Persian cats ... The sphinx and cats play major parts in her paintings, as does the theme of 'the double' ...
Human Bonding - Human–animal Bonding
... as a connection between people and animals, domestic or wild be it a cat as a pet or birds outside one's window ... were given the prescription to spend time each day taking care of cats and dogs ... for example, dogs for herding and tracking, and cats for killing mice or rats ...
Mastocytoma - Cats
... Two types of mast cell tumors have been identified in cats, a mast cell type similar to dogs and a histiocytic type that appears as subcutaneous nodules and may resolve spontaneously ... Young Siamese cats are at an increased risk for the histiocytic type, although the mast cell type is the most common in all cats and is considered to be benign when confined to ... Gastrointestinal and splenic involvement is more common in cats than in dogs 50 percent of cases in cats primarily involved the spleen or intestines ...

Famous quotes containing the word cats:

    At middle night great cats with silver claws,
    Bodies of shadow and blind eyes like pearls,
    Came up out of the hole, and red-eared hounds
    With long white bodies came out of the air
    Suddenly, and ran at them and harried them.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Animals are ever so psychic. There are some people who just can’t come in here.... The cats particularly. They seem to know. You can fool everybody, but landy M deary-me, you can’t fool a cat. They seem to know who’s not right, if you know what I mean.
    Dewitt Bodeen (1908–1988)