Damar can refer to:

  • Damar gum, also dammar gum, a resin produced by the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees
  • Damar Island, an island of Indonesia, part of the Barat Daya Islands
  • Damar, Kansas, a town in the United States
  • Damar (North Maluku), a lesser island in North Maluku province, Indonesia
  • Damar (Star Trek), a character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Damar, Artvin, a town in Murgul district of Artvin Province, Turkey
  • Damar, a fictional land in fantasy novels by Robin McKinley

Other articles related to "damar":

The Dogs Of War (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - Plot
... The Cardassian rebellion headed by former Legate Damar, suffers a severe blow when Damar is stranded with Garak and Kira on Cardassia Prime, while all of the rebel bases are destroyed ... have crushed the rebellion, and the Cardassian Union names Damar's replacement, Legate Broca ... Damar, Garak, and Kira hide out in the home of Mila, Garak's former caretaker ...
Behind The Lines (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - Plot
... between the Cardassians and Dominion (by having the Jem'Hadar find Damar's PADD, in which he outlined a plan to poison the last batches of ketracel-white should they run out) ... Over a bottle of Kanar, Damar tells Quark he has found a way to destroy the minefield by using the station's deflector array, they can use an anti-graviton beam to disable the mines ... Rom is captured by Damar ...
The Blue Sword - Plot Summary - Synopsis
... who still view the land as their own, the ancient country they have always called Damar ... somewhat puzzled at her connection with the people of Damar, as she had been born and raised in the Homeland ... loyalty to her Homeland and a new-found love for Damar, knows the Homelanders will be better able to defend the pass if they are forewarned ...
Dammar Gum - Uses
... Damar is used in foods, as a clouding or glazing agent, and in incense, varnish, and other products ... There are two further types of damar, besides the gum Mata kucing ("cat's eye") is a crystalline resin, usually in the form of round balls ... is stone or pebble-shaped, opaque damar collected from the ground ...
Strange Bedfellows (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - Plot
... The Breen are accepted into the Dominion regardless of Damar's disapproval of the treaty and its consequences for Cardassia ... Damar's mood worsens as Thot Gor is allowed access to classified Cardassian information ... As Worf and Ezri are taken to be executed, Damar realizes that the Dominion is not a good thing for Cardassia ...