Crop Circles

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Assigned His Mission By His Master - Benjamin Creme's Claims Regarding Maitreya
... Beginning in 1975 (the same year the crop circles began to appear), Creme says he started to actually telepathically channel Maitreya ... of the space brothers, are the cause of the crop circles (the modern manifestation of which began to appear in 1975, the year that Creme claims that Maitreya began to ...
Crop Art - Crop Circles
... The term Crop art can also stretch to cover formations known as Crop Circles ... Crop Circles first came to mass media attention during the 1980s after they were noticed in some agricultural fields in southern England (Ency Rel/Spir) ... intricate series of rings and lines formed when standing crops, such as wheat and rye are flattened into patterns ...
Crop Circle - Explanations - Changes To Crops
... Scientists have found differences between the crops inside the circles and outside of them, and they are still studying them ... It has been reported that the pulvini of wheat in 95% of the crop circles investigated were elongated in a pattern falling off with distance from the centre, and that seeds from the bent-over plants grew much ... Furthermore, traces of crop circles patterns are sometimes found in the crop the following year, "suggesting long-term damage to the crop field consistent with Levengood’s observations of stunted seed growth ...
Korn III: Remember Who You Are - Promotion
... the band, the first two videos included amateur footage of crop circles and Unidentified flying object, while the second two videos included news footage of the ... The Korn logo could also be seen in one of the crop circles ... III Remember Who You Are, a live concert filmed on June 24 at the crop circles ...

Famous quotes containing the words circles and/or crop:

    Before the birth of the New Woman the country was not an intellectual desert, as she is apt to suppose. There were teachers of the highest grade, and libraries, and countless circles in our towns and villages of scholarly, leisurely folk, who loved books, and music, and Nature, and lived much apart with them. The mad craze for money, which clutches at our souls to-day as la grippe does at our bodies, was hardly known then.
    Rebecca Harding Davis (1831–1910)

    Spirit of her I love,
    Whispering to me,
    Stories of sweet visions, as I rove,
    Here stop, and crop with me
    Sweet flowers that in the still hour grew,
    John Clare (1793–1864)