Creepy was an American horror-comics magazine launched by Warren Publishing in 1964. Like Mad, it was a black-and-white newsstand publication in a magazine format and thus did not require the approval or seal of the Comics Code Authority. The anthology magazine was initially published quarterly but later went bimonthly. Each issue's stories were introduced by the host character, Uncle Creepy. Its sister publications were Eerie and Vampirella.

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Creepy Crawlers (TV Series) - Origins
... The Creepy Crawlers TV Show was based on ToyMax's Creepy Crawlers Activity toy ... A "Creepy Crawlers Action Figure Playset" was depicted in the 1994 ToyMax toy booklet, but was apparently not produced ... Each figure came with a metal mold for use with the Creepy Crawlers toy oven, to make custom accessories for the figure using Plasti-Goop ...
Eerie - Publication History - Collected Editions
... a total rights acquisition from Warren and his entity for all rights in perpetuity to Creepy and Eerie ... hardcover form all 285 total issues of the original Creepy and Eerie ... The first archival volume Creepy release date was August 2008, the second December 2008, with additional releases planned every four months ...
Creepy - Cultural Legacy
... Uncle Creepy is mentioned in an early scene in Percy Jackson the Olympians The Lightning Thief ... solo project album Fun in Space shows him reading Creepy ... mask company Trick or Treat Studios to release the first officially licensed Uncle Creepy mask in almost 20 years ...
Blazing Combat - Reprints
17 black-and-white stories and all four color covers Cover of Creepy #89 (June 1977) Cover of Blazing Combat #1 (This issue of the horror anthology contained war stories) Creepy #139 (July 1982) "Survival" (Blazing ...
Creepy Crawlers - After ToyMax
... has taken up the reins of producing Creepy Crawlers toys ... Jakks Pacific released a Pokémon-themed Creepy Crawlers Oven and Mold Paks, and in late 2008, another Oven Set based on the Star Wars Clone Wars ... In the Fall of 2010, Toys "R" Us stores released a line of exclusive "Creepy Crawlers" Activity Toys (produced by Jakks-Pacific) that use injection ...

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    The creepy thing about battle is you always feel alone.
    Samuel Fuller, U.S. screenwriter. Zab (Robert Carradine)