• (noun): Cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth.
    Synonyms: corduroys

Some articles on cords:

Gonadal Cord
... In animal embryology, the gonadal cords or sex cords (or primitive sex cords) are structures that develop from the gonadal ridge ... After sexual differentiation, in males the sex cords become the testis cords, which help develop and nourish the Sertoli cells, while in females they become the cortical cords ...
Carcass (projectile) - Composition
... These he braced with cords drawn lengthwise and across these, at right angles, laced other cords, making a knot at each intersection ... Between the folds of the cords, he made holes, inserted copper tubes, and filled them half full of powder and lead bullets, packing it in with a tow ...
Mycelial Cord
... Mycelial cords are linear aggregations of parallel-oriented hyphae ... The mature cords are composed of wide, empty vessel hyphae surrounded by narrower sheathing hyphae ... Cords may look similar to plant roots, and also frequently have similar functions hence they are also called rhizomorphs (literally, "root-forms") ...
Screaming (music) - Health Concerns
... who have employed musical screaming have had problems with their throats, voices, vocal cords, and have even experienced major migraines from screaming from being ... or even undergo surgery due to screaming in harmful ways that damage the vocal cords ... Last, who had to leave the band as vocalist due to the damage it was causing to his vocal cords, which required surgery to repair ...
Development Of The Gonads - Testis
... In the central mass a series of cords appear, and the periphery of the mass is converted into the tunica albuginea, thus excluding the surface epithelium from any part in the ... The cords of the central mass run together toward the future hilum and form a network which ultimately becomes the rete testis ... On the other hand, the seminiferous tubules are developed from the cords distal to the hilum, and between them connective-tissue septa extend ...

Famous quotes containing the word cords:

    My Christian friends, in bonds of love, whose hearts in sweetest union join,
    Your friendship’s like a drawing band, yet we must take the parting hand.
    Your company’s sweet, your union dear; Your words delightful to my ear,
    Yet when I see that we must part, You draw like cords around my heart.
    John Blain (18th century)

    This Frey seems thus to us:
    Hells Spider gets
    His intrails spun to whip Cords thus,
    And wove to nets,
    And sets.
    Edward Taylor (1645–1729)