Cooke is the surname of several notable people:

  • Alan Cooke, British actor
  • Alexander Cooke (died 1614), English actor
  • Alfred Tyrone Cooke, of the Indo-Pakistani wars
  • Alistair Cooke KBE (1908–2004), journalist and broadcaster
  • Amos Starr Cooke (1810–1871), found of Royal School and Castle & Cooke in Hawaii
  • Anna Rice Cooke (1853–1934), patron of the arts and founder of the Honolulu Academy of Arts
  • Anthony Cooke (1505–1576), British scholar
  • Baden Cooke (born 1978), Australian cyclist
  • Barrie Cooke (born 1931), Irish painter
  • Bates Cooke, US Representative 1831-1833, and NY State Comptroller 1839–1841
  • Benjamin Cooke (1734–1793), English musician
  • Beryl Cooke (1906–2001), English actress
  • C. R. Cooke (1901–1996), English early Himalayan mountaineer
  • Charles Montague Cooke (1849–1909), businessman in Hawaii
  • Charles Montague Cooke, Jr. (1874–1948), American malacologist
  • Christian Cooke (born 1986), English actor
  • Clarence Hyde Cooke (1876–1944), businessman in Hawaii
  • Dave Cooke, Canadian politician
  • Deryck Cooke (1919–1975), British musicologist
  • Doc Cook (Charles L. Cooke, 1891–1958), jazz bandleader
  • Edward William Cooke (1811–1880), English maritime artist
  • Eric Edgar Cooke, murderer
  • Francis Cooke, Mayflower passenger
  • Francis Judd Cooke (1910–1995), American composer
  • Geoff Cooke, former England Rugby coach
  • Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim
  • James J. Cooke, American historian, author, academic and soldier
  • James W. Cooke, American naval officer
  • Janet Cooke (born 1954), American journalist, won a Pulitzer Prize for a fabricated story
  • Jay Cooke (1821–1905), American financier, notable for financing Union effort in Civil War and Northern Pacific Railway
  • Jennifer Cooke, actress
  • John Cooke (disambiguation), several people
  • Joseph Platt Cooke (1730–1816), in American Revolutionary War
  • Keith Cooke, actor
  • L. J. Cooke, first men's basketball coach at the University of Minnesota
  • Lawrence H. Cooke (1914–2000), Chief Judge of New York Court of Appeals 1979–1984
  • Martin Cooke (baritone), opera singer
  • Martin Cooke (mayor), 25th mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Matt Cooke, hockey player
  • Mel Cooke, New Zealand rugby league footballer
  • Mordecai Cubitt Cooke (1825–1914), British botanist
  • Nicole Cooke (born 1983), British cyclist
  • Philip St. George Cooke (1809–1895), 19th century US cavalry officer
  • Robin Cooke, Baron Cooke of Thorndon, New Zealand judge
  • Sam Cooke (1931–1964), American singer/songwriter
  • Sidney Cooke (born 1927), homosexual paedophile and child killer
  • Steve Cooke (born 1970), baseball player
  • Terence Cooke (1921–1983), Archbishop of New York
  • Weldon B. Cooke (1884–1914), American pioneer aviator killed in crash
  • Wells Cooke (1858–1916), American ornithologist
  • William Fothergill Cooke (1806–1879), co-inventor of the Cooke-Wheatstone electrical telegraph

Places in the United States named Cooke include:

  • Cooke County, Texas
  • Cooke City, Montana
  • Cooke Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Cooke may also refer to:

  • Cooke Optics, a current lens manufacturer (previously Taylor, Taylor and Hobson)
  • Cooke triplet, a photographic lens design by the above
  • Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works, steam railroad locomotive manufacturer, founded in 1852

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Famous quotes containing the word cooke:

    It used to be said that you had to know what was happening in America because it gave us a glimpse of our future. Today, the rest of America, and after that Europe, had better heed what happens in California, for it already reveals the type of civilisation that is in store for all of us.
    —Alistair Cooke (b. 1908)

    Man has an incurable habit of not fulfilling the prophecies of his fellow men.
    —Alistair Cooke (b. 1908)

    We have found that morals are not, like bacon, to be cured by hanging; nor, like wine, to be improved by sea voyages; nor, like honey, to be preserved in cells.
    —William Cooke Taylor (1800–1849)