Cong may refer to:

  • Cong (jade), a form of jade artifact from ancient China
  • Cong (surname), (叢/丛) a Chinese surname.
  • Cống people, an indigenous people of about 1,700 in Vietnam
  • Cong, County Mayo, a village in the Republic of Ireland
  • A slang name for the Vietcong

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Cong - People
... Cong Su (苏聪), a Chinese composer Cong Weixi (born 1933), Chinese author influential in the post-Mao literary scene Si Da Ming Cong tea, four famous Wuyi Oolong tea bushes ...
... Congé-sur-Orne is a commune in the Sarthe department in the Pays de la Loire region in north-western France ... Its inhabitants are called 'Congéennes' and 'Congéens' most of its population resides in the village, locally called le bourg the rest is disseminated in hamlets and in isolated farms ...
Congénies - History - Quaker Connection
... Paul Codognan, born in Congénies, walked to London in 1768 and returned on foot to Congénies with Quaker literature ... The name Congénies appears in many Quaker biographies (e.g ... Congénies possessed also a méthodist chapelle between 1869 and 1968 ...
Cong Abbey
... Cong Abbey is a historic site located at Cong, on the borders of counties Galway and Mayo, in Ireland's province of Connacht ...
Li Cong
... Li Cong (李琮) (died 752), né Li Sizhi (李嗣直), known as Li Tan (李潭) from 725 to 736, posthumously honored Crown Prince Jingde (靖德太子) and then Emperor Fengtian (奉天皇帝, literally, "the ... became emperor, he posthumously honored Li Cong as an emperor ...