NUI as an acronym may refer to:

  • National University of Ireland
  • Natural User Interface
  • Normally unmanned installation
  • Novell Users International
  • Network Users Institute

Nui can refer to:

  • Nui (atoll), a group of islands in Tuvalu
  • Nui, a type of noodle in the Cuisine of Vietnam
  • Núi, Mountain in Vietnamese
  • Núi, Mountain Trading and Service Co.Ltd
  • Nui, Means "Many" or "Wide" in native Hawaiian language
  • Muchachada Nui, a Spanish humor television program
  • libnui, a multi-platform C++ toolkit with hardware accelerated UI rendering
  • nUI, an addon for World of Warcraft game

Not to be confused with:

  • Nuie, an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean

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