Condensed Matter

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Topological Order - Potential Impact
... Landau symmetry-breaking theory is a cornerstone of condensed matter physics ... It is used to define the territory of condensed matter research ... order opens up a new direction in condensed matter physics—a new direction of highly entangled quantum matter ...
Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter
... Journal of Physics Condensed Matter is a weekly, peer reviewed, scientific journal, established in 1989, and published by the Institute of Physics ... This journal reports on all areas of condensed matter physics including soft matter and nanostructures ... papers (experimental, theoretical and simulation studies) that contain fundamental condensed matter science ...
List Of Physics Journals - Journals - Condensed Matter and Materials Science
... B International Journal of Modern Physics B Journal of Physics Condensed Matter Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Modern Physics Letters B Nature Materials ...
Condensed Matter (disambiguation)
... Condensed matter may refer to several things Condensed matter physics, the study of the physical properties of condensed phases of matter European Physical Journal B Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, a scientific ...
Magnetic Monopole - Historical Background - Twentieth Century
... Some condensed matter systems propose a structure superficially similar to a magnetic monopole, known as a flux tube ... These condensed-matter systems continue to be an area of active research ... (See "Monopoles" in condensed-matter systems below.) ...

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