Community Association

A community association is a nongovernmental association of participating members of a community, such as a neighborhood, village, condominium, cooperative, or group of homeowners or property owners in a delineated geographic area. Participation may be voluntary, require a specific residency, or require participation in an intentional community. Community associations may serve as social clubs, community promotional groups, service organizations, youth sports group or quasi-governmental groups.

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Spring Garden, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Infrastructure and Government - Community Association
... Spring Garden is represented by the Spring Garden Civic Association ... The Civic Association performs neighborhood maintenance services, such as occasional street sweeping and tree planting ...
The Gregson Centre - History
... of like-minded souls in 1984 created a charity called The Freehold Community Association and bought the building to run as a community Centre ... the Charity has since changed its name to The Gregson Community Association, later still incorporating to form the Gregson Community Association Limited in ... Richard Dow and Graeme Kirk who were keen to save their favourite community centre and to preserve the future of what they believed to be a vital part of the community ...
San Mateo Highlands - Community
... The Highlands Community Association is a volunteer-run community association ... It is not a homeowners association and, as such, does not have authority to set laws or policies in the neighborhood ... Membership in the Highlands Community Association requires a nominal fee ...
Namasudra - Community Association
... The Namassej Samaj Andolon claims to be a socio-political organisation that represents the community. ...
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... Community land trust Community garden Community-supported agriculture Homeowners' association - association of property owners within a community Neighborhood association ...

Famous quotes containing the words association and/or community:

    They that have grown old in a single state are generally found to be morose, fretful and captious; tenacious of their own practices and maxims; soon offended by contradiction or negligence; and impatient of any association but with those that will watch their nod, and submit themselves to unlimited authority.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

    The people needed to be rehoused, but I feel disgusted and depressed when I see how they have done it. It did not suit the planners to think how they might deal with the community, or the individuals that made up the community. All they could think was, “Sweep it away!” The bureaucrats put their heads together, and if anyone had told them, “A community is people,” they would not have known what they were on about.
    May Hobbs (b. 1938)