Color Mixing

There are two types of color mixing: Additive and Subtractive. In both cases there are three primary colors, three secondary colors (colors made from 2 of the three primary colors in equal amounts), and one tertiary color made from all three primary colors.

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... This 1916 color model by German chemist Wilhelm Ostwald exemplifies the "mixtures with white and black" approach, organizing 24 "pure" colors into a hue circle, and colors of each hue into a triangle ... See also Color theory, RGB color model, and RGB color space Most televisions, computer displays, and projectors produce colors by combining red, green, and blue light in varying intensities – the so-called ... The resulting mixtures in RGB color space can reproduce a wide variety of colors (called a gamut) however, the relationship between the constituent amounts of red, green, and blue light and the ...
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... Introduced as an alternative to a color scroller, High End System's Colormerge unit was an add-on dichroic color changer ... It was a color mixing unit made to be used with the ETC Source Four ellipsoidal fixture ... Unlike a traditional color scroller, it was installed inside the unit between the reflector assembly and shutters ...

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