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Additional Terms

  • Colorfulness, chroma, purity, or saturation: how "intense" or "concentrated" a color is. Technical definitions distinguish between colorfulness, chroma, and saturation as distinct perceptual attributes and include purity as a physical quantity. These terms, and others related to light and color are internationally agreed upon and published in the CIE Lighting Vocabulary. More readily available texts on colorimetry also define and explain these terms.
  • Dichromatism: a phenomenon where the hue is dependent on concentration and/or thickness of the absorbing substance.
  • Hue: the color's direction from white, for example in a color wheel or chromaticity diagram.
  • Shade: a color made darker by adding black.
  • Tint: a color made lighter by adding white.
  • Value, brightness, lightness, or luminosity: how light or dark a color is.

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