Collimated Beam

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Lens (optics) - Imaging Properties
... As mentioned above, a positive or converging lens in air will focus a collimated beam travelling along the lens axis to a spot (known as the focal point) at a ... at the focal point will be converted into a collimated beam by the lens ... In the former case, an object at an infinite distance (as represented by a collimated beam of waves) is focused to an image at the focal point of the lens ...
Lens (optics) - Compound Lenses
... This corresponds to a pair of lenses that transform a parallel (collimated) beam into another collimated beam ... it produces no net convergence or divergence of the beam ... Although the system does not alter the divergence of a collimated beam, it does alter the width of the beam ...
Spectral Flux Density - Collimated Beam
... the light of the sun, can be treated as a practically collimated beam, but apart from this, a collimated beam is rarely if ever found in nature, though artificially produced beams can be very nearly ... used above, are singular for exactly collimated beams, or may be viewed as Dirac delta functions ... radiative intenstity is unsuitable for the description of a collimated beam, while spectral flux density is suitable for that purpose ...

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