COLI may refer to:

  • corporate-owned life insurance
  • China Overseas Land and Investment Limited
  • cost-of-living index
  • Colonel's Island Railroad

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The White Bird - Operational History - Transatlantic Flight
... Nungesser and Coli took off at 517 a.m ... Gathering an escort of French fighter aircraft, Nungesser and Coli turned back, and at low altitude, immediately jettisoned the main undercarriage ... newspapers even reported that Nungesser and Coli had arrived safely in New York, evoking a wave of French patriotism ...
Mycoplasma Laboratorium - Similar Projects
... E.coli", where 15% of the genome of the parental strain (E ... coli K-12 MG1655 ) were removed to aid in molecular biology efficiency, removing IS elements, pseudogenes and phages, resulting in better maintenance of plasmid-encoded toxic genes ...
Melanosis Coli
... Melanosis coli, also pseudomelanosis coli, is a disorder of pigmentation of the wall of the colon, often identified at the time of colonoscopy ...
List Of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks In The United States - 2006
... coli O157H7 from Taco Bell in South Plainfield, New Jersey and Long Island ... coli O157H7 to be in the green onions ... coli and then eliminated all green onions from its menu (while still serving lettuce) ...
List Of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks In The United States - 2009
... coli O157H7 was believed to have contaminated Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough ... coli O157H7 outbreak, which sickened at least 66 people in 28 states, might be a result of raw cookie dough consumption ... coli O157H7 has been found in the plant, according to the FDA ...