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The Cayman Islands Civil Service College - Founding
... reform programme implemented over the last several years in the Cayman Islands Civil Service ... the college is to deliver a framework whereby civil servants could learn to excel and, moreover, Caymanians could be assisted toward building the appropriate competencies to regularly seek ... To date (March 2012), the CICSC has directly served nearly 1,000 Cayman Islands Civil Servants, offering classes in over 150 sections and 50 different areas ...
Civil Service Of The European Union - Staff - Salary and Allowances
... EU civil and other servants work 37.5 hours a week, though they are theoretically available 24/7 ... European institutions are indexed to the salaries of national civil servants ... be applied the adaptation related to the increases of wages of the national civil servants from 2007-8 while in 2011 the index was already negative (as ...
China National School Of Administration - History
... it is a state-of-the-art training center for middle and senior civil servants, senior executives and policy research fellows ... directorial (DG) and some division directorial civil servants training senior civil servants from Hong Kong and Macao governments training senior executives of foreign countries Training leaders of key state-own ...
Tōru Hashimoto - Political Career - Mayor of Osaka City
... In 2012 a poll of civil servants working in Ōsaka city was conducted, requiring disclosure of those with tattoos on their body ... Hashimoto commented that civil servants have no right to have tattoos and suggested that those who do should resign ... newly-appointed ward mayors of Ōsaka that civil servants cannot expect to have personal privacy or fundamental human rights while working for the ...
Leung Chin-man Appointment Controversy - Political Fallout
... that parties feared that demands for Yue's resignation would alienate civil servants in the forthcoming LegCo elections ... member, to be set up to perform a sweeping review of the system to process applications for former civil servants ... This sparked fears among civil servants that their job opportunities after retirement would be curtailed ...

Famous quotes containing the words servants and/or civil:

    The rank and file have let their servants become their masters and dictators.... Provision should be made in all union constitutions for the recall of leaders. Big salaries should not be paid. Career hunters should be driven out, as well as leaders who use labor for political ends. These types are menaces to the advancement of labor.
    Mother Jones (1830–1930)

    Now for civil service reform. Legislation must be prepared and executive rules and maxims. We must limit and narrow the area of patronage. We must diminish the evils of office-seeking. We must stop interference of federal officers with elections. We must be relieved of congressional dictation as to appointments.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)